About Our Broker Membership Program

Lincoln, NE

Read all about our Broker membership program, and the benefits it offers.

The USHomePhoto Broker Membership Program for Lincoln, NE area brokers is a class leader in the real estate listing photography industry, and offers Brokers a fantastic way to manage the look and feel, and regulate costs for your listing photography. The Broker Membership Program offers full "across the board" discounts on every service and option that USHomePhoto has to offer including all standard photography and optional services like Twilgiht, Drone, and Travel costs for those Lincoln, NE area and outlying listings.

The Broker membership includes the Platinum level membership for up to four (4) Realtors in your Lincoln, NE area Brokerage! If you have a small Brokerage of just a couple of Realtors, you can even split the Broker membership among two or more Brokers to get your four members! So, team up with other Brokers to get your four Realtors, and you will qualify for this outstanding Broker level membership.
All membership discounts are applied at checkout for instant savings!

Platinum Membership (For 4 Realtors)
25% Discount


Our Platinum Series Membership program is a fantastic way to ensure that every Lincoln, NE area listing sponsored by your brokerage is absolutely fabulous, and represents each home in its best light. The pricing of this membership program includes four (4) Platinum level memberships. Also included in this membership program are free MLS upload, two free slide-show videos, top-priority editing for every shoot, and "across the board" savings on all additional services such as Drone, Twilight, Video, etc. Get consistently great photos with the same look and feel for every Lincoln, NE listing at pricing levels that are 50% below most other photography firms.

Shoot Pricing With The Platinum Membership

Package Bronze
1001 to 1700 SQFT
1701 to 2400 SQFT
2401 to 3100 SQFT
ECO (HDR) / Great Photos (Delivered EOB Next Business Day)
BASIC (HDR) / MLS Standard Photos (Delivered EOB Next Business Day)
Near-Magazine Quality Photos (Delivered EOB Next Business Day)
PRO Flash
Magazine Quality Photos (Delivered EOB Next Business Day)